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  • Lens Ring Joint Gasket
    Lens Ring Joint Gasket

    Kaxite sealing to supply Lens Ring Joint Gasket for all types Lens Ring Joint Gasket with good & superior quality, Lens Ring Joint Gasket hotline: 0086-574-87527771

  • Double Jacket Gasket
    Double Jacket Gasket

    Kaxite sealing to supply Double Jacket Gasket for all types Double Jacket Gasket with good & superior quality, Double Jacket Gasket hotline: 0086-574-87527771

  • Corrugated Gaskets
    Corrugated Gaskets

    Kaxite sealing to supply Corrugated Gaskets for all types Corrugated Gaskets with good & superior quality, Corrugated Gaskets hotline: 0086-574-87527771

  • PTFE Envelope Gasket
    PTFE Envelope Gasket

    Kaxite sealing to supply PTFE Envelope Gasket for all types PTFE Envelope Gasket with good & superior quality, PTFE Envelope Gasket hotline: 0086-574-87527771

  • Rubber Sheet
    Rubber Sheet

    Kaxite sealing to supply Rubber Sheet for all types Rubber Sheet with good & superior quality, Rubber Sheet hotline: 0086-574-87527771

PTFE & PEEK Seals 
    No. Catalogue Download Type
    1.Flexible PTFE Tube.pdf
    2.Molded PTFE Tube.pdf
    3.Molded PTFE Rods.pdf
    4.Carbon Filled PTFE Rod.pdf
    5.PTFE Tubing.pdf
    6.PTFE Rod.pdf
    7.PTFE Thread Seal Tape.pdf
    8.PTFE Gasket.pdf
    9.Filled PTFE Article.pdf
    10.PTFE Adhesive Tape.pdf
    11.PTFE Extruded Tubing.pdf
    12.PTFE Diaphragm.pdf
    13.PTFE Bearing Slide.pdf
    14.PTFE Heat Exchanger.pdf
    15.FEP Tubing.pdf
    16.PTFE Insulation Articles.pdf
    17.PTFE Graduate.pdf
    19.Polyimide Article.pdf
    20.Compound O-Ring.pdf
    21.PTFE Flexible Coupling.pdf
    22.PTFE Steel-plastic Component Pipe.pdf
    23.Soft Fibration PTFE Sealing Sheet.pdf
    24.PTFE Micro Porous Filtration Tube.pdf
    25.PTFE Special Sealing Ring For Filter Plant.pdf
    26.FEP Special Parts.pdf
    27.PTFE Fittings.pdf
    28.Devlon Ball Valve Seat.pdf
    29.PTFE Accessories For Printing And Dyeing Mechanical Equipments.pdf
    30.PTFE Micropore Gas.pdf
    31.PTFE Micropore Membrance.pdf
    32.PTFE Modified Material.pdf