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  • Lens Ring Joint Gasket
    Lens Ring Joint Gasket

    Kaxite sealing to supply Lens Ring Joint Gasket for all types Lens Ring Joint Gasket with good & superior quality, Lens Ring Joint Gasket hotline: 0086-574-87527771

  • Double Jacket Gasket
    Double Jacket Gasket

    Kaxite sealing to supply Double Jacket Gasket for all types Double Jacket Gasket with good & superior quality, Double Jacket Gasket hotline: 0086-574-87527771

  • Corrugated Gaskets
    Corrugated Gaskets

    Kaxite sealing to supply Corrugated Gaskets for all types Corrugated Gaskets with good & superior quality, Corrugated Gaskets hotline: 0086-574-87527771

  • PTFE Envelope Gasket
    PTFE Envelope Gasket

    Kaxite sealing to supply PTFE Envelope Gasket for all types PTFE Envelope Gasket with good & superior quality, PTFE Envelope Gasket hotline: 0086-574-87527771

  • Rubber Sheet
    Rubber Sheet

    Kaxite sealing to supply Rubber Sheet for all types Rubber Sheet with good & superior quality, Rubber Sheet hotline: 0086-574-87527771

Packing Materials 

    Packing Materials

    No. Catalogue Download Type
    1.Pure PTFE Yarn.pdf
    2.Pure PTFE Yarn with Oil.pdf
    3.Multiple PTFE Filament Yarn.pdf
    4.Graphite PTFE Yarn.pdf
    5.Chinese GFO Yarn.pdf
    6.Expanded Graphite Yarn.pdf
    7.Graphite Yarn Wrapped With Wire Mesh.pdf
    8.Carbonized Fiber Yarn.pdf
    9.Spun Carbonized Fiber Yarn.pdf
    10.Carbon Fiber Yarn.pdf
    11.Kevlar Yarn.pdf
    12.Spun Kevlar Yarn.pdf
    13.Spun Nomex Yarn.pdf
    14.Ramie Yarn.pdf
    15.Acrylic Fiber Yarn.pdf
    16.Kynol Fiber Yarn.pdf
    17.Spun Kynol Fiber Yarn.pdf
    18.Ceramic Fiber Yarn.pdf
    19.Asbestos Yarn.pdf