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Fire-Resistance Rubber Sheet

Kaxite offers complete range of rubber sheets, according to different requirement offers a variety of material rubber sheets, we produce all kinds of rubber products according to customer's demands. Manufacturer gaskets, etc. Rubber sheets reinforced with cloth or wire.

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This rubber sheet material is a general purpose industrial rubber used in any application needing a common elastic rubber material.  Used in all kinds of instances from decorative to rubber sheeting flooring runners, industrial buildings, OEM parts, and other agricultural situations.  This general purpose rubber sheet can be used almost anywhere that your applications need average rubber.  This general purpose rubber has a longer wear life because it is press cured when manufactured.

Our General purpose sheets of rubber is very well suited for a wide range of applications and noted for its resistance to chlorinated and sea water, most chemicals, great resistance to oil and petroleum, ultra-violet lights, oxidation and its ability to maintain flexibility in cold temperature environments while exhibiting extreme toughness to wear and tear.   For Commercial and residential applications, this rubber sheet can be used under shower pans, drainage systems, garage applications, weather stripping, washer and dryer pans and many construction and remodeling uses.


Style Products Color g/cm3 Hardness  sh Elongation % Tensile strength Temp°C
B400BR Black rubber sheet Black 1.6 70+/-5 250 3.0Mpa -5~+50
B400RC Black rubber sheet with cloth insert Black 1.6 70+/-5 220 4.0Mpa -5~+50
B400NBR Nitrile rubber sheet Black 1.5 65+/-5 280 5.0Mpa -10~+90
B400SBR Styrene-butadiene rubber sheet Black/red 1.5 65+/-5 300 4.5Mpa -10~+90
B400CR Neoprene rubber sheet Black 1.5 70+/-5 300 4.5Mpa -10~+90
B400EPDM Ethylene propylenediene rubber sheet Black 1.4 65+/-5 300 8.0Mpa -20~ +120
B400MUQ Silicone rubber sheet White 1.2 50+/-5 400 8.0Mpa -30~ +180
B400FPM Fluorine rubber sheet Black 2.03 70+/-5 350 8.0Mpa -50~ +250
B400RO Oil-resisting rubber sheet Black 1.5 65+/-5 280 5.0Mpa -10~+60
B400RCH Cold & heat-resisting rubber sheet Black 1.6 65+/-5 280 4.5Mpa -20~+120
B400RAA Acid & alkali-resisting rubber sheet Black 1.6 65+/-5 280 4.5Mpa -10~+80
B400RI Insulating rubber sheet Black 1.5 65+/-5 300 5.0Mpa -10~+80
B400RFI Fire-resistance rubber sheet Black 1.7 65+/-5 280 4.5Mpa -5~+60
B400FR Food grade rubber sheet Red/white 1.6 60+/-5 300 6.0Mpa -5~+50

Width: 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 2000mm, length on request
Weight: normal 50kgs/roll:
Thickness: 1~60mm

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